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You ever wonder what took place behind some of your favorite comedy films, or moments? Well we decided to highlight 5 different projects in comedy that we would love to witness in a documentary. Imagine cast members, directors, and key players of some of comedy’s most talked about moments finally sitting down to share a behind the scenes story. Below are 5 go those we think would make great documentaries.

By Corey Tate 

Def Comedy Jam – (Pictured Above) Def Comedy Jam wasn’t just another black comedy show. It was special. It was created by Russell Simmons and aired on HBO. If you were a black comedian in the 90’s you had aspirations of performing on Def Comedy Jam. This was the show that gave black comedians a platform to perform and get exposure. Martin Lawrence hosted the show and everyone who was anyone appeared on the show. Bernie Mac, Mike Epps, DL Hughley, Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock and a whole list of other impressive comedians. Def Comedy Jam deserves to have its story told. Comedians and comedy fans would both agree, that Def Comedy Jam is a timeless treasure.

Kings of comedy

The Original Kings Of Comedy –  In the year 2000, Steve Harvey, DL Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer and Bernie Mac co-headlined one of the most successful tours in comedy history. Four heavy hitters back-to-back. The film ranked #2 at the Box Office, grossing over $ 11 million dollars on its opening weekend, eventually grossing over $ 38 million dollars total. There will never be another legendary tour like this. In this documentary, we’d like to hear untold stories of the tour. How did this idea come about? What was backstage like? Why Guy Torry was replaced by DL? Did Bernie Mac close the show because no one could follow him? We would love to hear The Kings and the creators of the tour reveal details on how it all came together.

chappelle show

Chappelle’s ShowDave Chappelle and Neal Brennan created one of the most beloved, esteemed, sketch comedy shows of all time. This show produced popular sketches like R. Kelly’s “Pee On You” parody, the blind black klansman Clayton Bigsby and of course, the iconic Rick James (Charlie Murphy feud). This documentary would take us behind the scenes and talk with Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan about what it was like to write and produce the show. Maybe we’d get some archived footage of the writer’s room where the sketch ideas came about. Maybe some never before seen sketches and outtakes. And lastly, we’d hear first-hand about the controversy that surrounded Dave’s departure.

Martin – A while back, during an interview, Tisha Campbell said that Martin reunion isn’t probable, because “You don’t want to mess up a good thing.” She’s right. But a documentary highlighting the show would be great. “Martin” is a classic 90’s sitcom that is still in heavy syndication, today. So what was it like being a part of the cast? How does it feel to know that your show set precedent and opened doors for other black TV shows? These are the questions we’d like to know the answers to, in a documentary highlighting the “Martin” sitcom.

in living color

In Living Color – When it comes to sketch comedy shows, you have to mention “In Living Color”. Other shows may have been on longer, but none of them did what “In Living Color” did. This was the show that kept it real, pushed buttons and did thought-provoking comedy. The show was also pivotal in the careers of people like, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, Tommy Davidson, David Alan Grier and of course, The Wayans family. The show even hired Jennifer Lopez as a Fly Girl dancer. This documentary would be a nice treat for fans of the show. It would be great for the cast to reunite and give some insight on one of the greatest sketch series to ever exist. Keenan Ivory Wayans could finally tell us the real story on why the show came to an end after only 4 seasons.

By Corey Tate

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